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Empowerment Programme

Empower • Equip • Educate



To empower and enrich senior citizens' lives through art.


Senior citizens will learn the foundation of acrylic and watercolour painting. Throughout the process, they will acquire painting skills and build up the confidence to share these skills with their community and in-turn empower other senior citizens. 


The programme encourages senior citizens to take on a more active lifestyle through either forming their own painting hobby groups with their ‘kakis’ (close friends) or organising their own informal painting sessions in the community. 

Update (May 2021):

Our third Artribe is formed!

We're excited to begin our 8-week watercolour programme with our third batch of seniors from a Senior Activity Centre.

In March 2021, we put out an open call for volunteers to conduct online watercolour sessions. The response was overwhelming (to our surprise) and we are so heartened by so many individual's interest and dedication to be a part of Artribe. We have since met the volunteers for a sharing session and gave them a watercolour kit + teaching materials.

As for the seniors, the watercolour sets have been packed, delivered and distributed to them. Our volunteers have been matched with the seniors and watercolour sessions will begin soon.

Follow our Instagram to see our third Artribe's journey and progress!

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