Creating change one tribe at a time


Artribe: Our Goals


Creating a society that cares, and one that we can envision growing old in


Providing a space to help others grow.
"We rise by lifting others"!



Building a circular program with impact that extends beyond

Artribe: The Work So Far


10,000 + 

of volunteer work poured in

 This includes:

- Working with local community centres to organise sessions for seniors 

- Logistics e.g. packing of materials, lesson plans, etc.
- Teaching art to seniors 

-  Most recently in 2020: teaching seniors how to use video call for online art classes

... the list goes on 


art kits

sourced, hand-packed
and given to seniors

Kits contain materials for seniors to use in class & require regular top-ups.

This includes:
- Paint and palettes

- Canvas and/or paper

- Reference images 

- All other art tools e.g. brushes, palette knives, pencils, erasers, tape

... the list goes on



held in Artify studio*

Art sessions are conducted within Artify Studio to provide a space for seniors to learn & meet regularly as a hobby group.*Since July 2020, some sessions have moved online via video calls due to COVID-19.


All sessions are still ongoing.


reached and impacted 

These seniors have attended our programs, painted with us, made new friends and picked up new skills. For some, Artribe has made a whole lot of difference to their lives.

Read more about their stories here

Our next batch of seniors will be recruited this November 2020 so the cycle continues.

Artribe: You can help too


I’m a paragraph. Double click

me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.


I’m a paragraph. Double click

me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

Artribe 2020

Our work so far has centred around organising art sessions for senior citizens (age 65+) in Singapore as a way for these aging individuals to foster a sense of community while picking up new skills.


More funds mean more seniors get to join the program, and we might even be able to reach other groups of people.


Artribe Anecdotes

Beyond the numbers, the stories of folk in the Artribe push us along, and let us know the work we do is worth it.

From helping seniors sleep better, to paving way for a new purpose in life, It has been a joy using our craft to build a community, and here's why:


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