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About Artribe

At Artribe, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of creating art. Learn more about what we do!

Artify Studio is an official Social Enterprise member of raiSE's BusinessForGood, and we are the only art-jamming studio in Singapore registered as such. Our Community Initiatives take place under our Artribe family.


Started in 2019, Artribe is our community outreach arm that seeks to provide a safe space for the vulnerable members in our community to remain engaged through art. With years of experience from running art classes and events at Artify Studio, we provide a range of art services for the community.

What we believe in

Art is for everyone.

Anyone and everyone can create and appreciate art. There's no need to have 'talent', or any art education or experience, or to be full-time artists.

Using art experiences to create a more caring community.

Through organising community art programmes with a social or participatory element, we hope to connect people, bring the community closer together, and encourage more inclusion - particular that of vulnerable groups at risk of being left out or left 'behind'.

Creating access for art experiences.

We seek to be a part of making the visual arts accessible, relatable, and approachable. Through our art programmes, we seek to create more opportunities for everyone to make art in their everyday lives for recreation and as a hobby, as a means of creative expression.

Art can bring people together.

Regardless of their background, what they do for a living, what language they speak - art experiences can bring people from all walks of life together. We want to celebrate the vibrancy of diversity through making art together.

Empowerment through art.

Over and above organising art programmes to share art skills with vulnerable groups, the objective of our art workshops is to empower our participants by offering them a supportive environment to give back by sharing what they've learned with others in the community as well.

Creating change that is sustainable.

We believe in lasting and impactful change that goes beyond once-off events. By creating Artribes and "teaching the teachers", we seek to create a virtuous cycle where the inspired can inspire more others, and the empowered can empower more others.

About Artify Studio

Established in 2014, Artify Studio conducts art classes for kids and adults.

Fronted by people-loving individuals passionate about art, Artify aims to cultivate a better learning culture through art by creating a non-judgmental environment for absolutely anyone to experience the magic of art-making.


No matter the level of art experience, everyone is warmly welcome to our studio.


Art Classes


Art Classes

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Corporate Events

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Community Outreach

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