How it all started

One random day in May 2019, Jae, founder of Artify Studio, was walking around the kampung glam when she saw group of seniors loitering around the area. They were lying on benches and staring into space, seemingly daydreaming. 

She wondered: why not channel this energy into art?
It is a beautiful way to pass time and age gracefully.  


She decided to walk into PECCO, a nearby  senior activity centre, and had a random meeting with Judy, Cluster Manager of PECCO on the same day. With her vision of these group of seniors leading their own hobby group, and equipped with her imaginary website of hope, she shared her dreams of creating an art community in the senior activity centre by conducting art classes.

We’re moving one tribe at a time, be it seniors or children. It will be a growing community filled with love and kampong spirit and we hope that you can be with us on this journey.


Current Initiative

" To create a sustainable circular empowerment programme starting 

with the seniors in our neighbourhood. "

Since July 2019, Artify Studio started Artribe in its space along Textile Centre. Starting with the seniors from a Peace-Connect Cluster Operator in our neighbourhood, we have built a small group of lovely and conscientious individuals who are passionate about learning.


We introduced them to acrylic painting initially and they have since picked up watercolour and most recently, chalk pastel. With regular check-ins and sessions especially in this COVID-19 situation, our seniors have made rapid progress. We plan to continue building their confidence and gradually ease them into guiding others to do art as well.

About Artify Studio

      Established since 2014, Artify Studio offers a wide range of services from children classes , adult art classes , corporate team building tcommunity outreach programme

        Fronted by people-loving individuals who are passionate about art, we do not believe in "thinking out of the box" because we aren't limited by one in the first place. At Artify, we aim to cultivate a better learning culture through art and strongly believe that art is not a luxury but for everyone. 


        A room to others, a playground to us. We see our classrooms as a creative space to welcome new inventions and where fantasies come to life—some brought to paper, some even interpreted into patterns; a space where apples are purple and the seas are orange, complete with incredible stories and theories behind every handmade masterpiece.


        We also believe that art is neither an occupation nor an industry; it can be done daily regardless of its form. No matter the level of experience an individual possess, everyone is warmly welcome into our studio.


Art is a form of expression. It keeps our curiosity running and our minds thinking. 

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