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The Beginning of Artribe: A Pilot Run

May 2019: As each moving part slowly fell into place — coordination with the Senior Activity Centre on behalf of the seniors, engaging of art instructors, preparation of materials and space — the gears started to turn and Artribe gradually ran like clockwork.

On 4 July 2019, Artribe's one month pilot run of its 12-Week Acrylic Painting programme began. A foreign medium to the 12 seniors, it was normal to have little to no confidence and some carried the mindset that they were not talented. However, over time, they became more comfortable with the painting sessions, gained more confidence and started to open up to share their ideas.

Artworks painted during the first month:

  • Fluffy Birds

  • Sunflower

  • Beach

  • Lavender Fields/Landscape/Floral Painting

Fluffy Birds Painting

Sunflower Painting

Beach Painting

As we got to know the seniors better, our teaching methods were tweaked accordingly to each senior's painting style for them to have a better understanding of the application of the techniques.

Lavender Fields/Landscape/Floral Painting

With a proven successful one month, we progressed into Phase II of our Artribe programme — moving onto more advanced paintings for the seniors.

To be continued!

With love,

Artify Studio


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