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Phase II of Artribe

After assessing and understanding different senior's painting style, following the success of the pilot run, we continued with the remaining of the 12-week programme. The seniors were introduced to the use of other painting tools and embarked on more advanced paintings.

Hydrangea Knife Painting (Part 1)

Hydrangea Knife Painting (Part 2)

Look at the stunning outcome!!

Tropical Sunset

Autumn Landscape (Part 1)

Autumn Landscape (Part 2)

Expressive Floral (Part 2)

As the seniors became more skilled and familiar with different painting techniques, they progressed from a classroom learning setting to a more free-and-easy art jam session having the liberty to choose their own image to paint.

Art Jam

This (sadly) marks the end of the 12-week acrylic painting programme. We're extremely proud of the seniors' journey so far. With their willingness to learn, we couldn't bear to part with them just yet. We decided to extend their complimentary classes and in the next part, they'll be learning watercolour painting.

More in the next post!

With love,

Artify Studio


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