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Our third Artribe is formed in May 2021!

A little background story: @artribesg was formed in 2019 to empower and enrich senior citizens’ lives through art creating a sustainable circular empowerment programme, starting with the seniors in our neighbourhood.

Our first tribe of seniors came from Peace-Connect Cluster Operator, a Senior Activity Centre at Beach Road, and they went through a year of painting sessions at our studio. They learnt how to paint using various mediums (acrylic paint, watercolour, oil pastels, charcoal) and today, the seniors are continuing the painting sessions at the activity centre.

During COVID-19’s Circuit Breaker, our second tribe from Geylang Bahru Senior Activity Centre was formed. For 3 months, our instructors taught the seniors how to use the video-call function for online classes and conducted watercolour classes online.

Now, onward to our third tribe! Pairing our 20 seniors from two SACs together with 10 Volunteers :)

Our volunteers are, some of them are our regular art jammers from artify studio!

  1. Chris

  2. Livia

  3. Natasha

  4. Rohini

  5. Shermine

  6. Theresa

  7. Wenlin

  8. Winnie

  9. Dalila

  10. Faith


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