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X'mas Art Jam (Greeting Cards with love)

Join us for Singapore's first art-based charity platform, have come together to offer creative, meaningful artjams for you to end the year in style! We're tucked away in a cozy corner along the Bukit Timah enclave.

Beyond casual art jam sessions, Artify Studio wants to create wholesome experiences in a cosy art space that motivates people to create and give. We want to enable everyone, young and old, to support their chosen causes through their art. Our Society Art Jam sessions connect people and charities to create a community of support for great causes.

This is an activity that is both meaningful and therapeutic at the same time. Part of your art jamming fees will be donated to 1 of the 13 charities that we pledge our love to.

For more details:!society-art-jam/c19kr


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