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Majulah Belanja 2016

"Majulah Belanja 2016 — Let's Cook Together! is an organized brunch between locals and migrant workers, held on 18 September 2016, at a migrant worker dormitory.

Held on the weekend after Hari Raya Haji and the Mid-Autumn Festival, we hope to celebrate our vibrant food culture while giving Singaporeans a chance to experience the lives and food of various groups of migrant workers. Majulah Belanja literally translates to “Onward, To Treat”, where everyone gets the chance to treat themselves to an experience like no other.

Majulah Belanja hopes to raise more awareness and understanding of migrant workers and their culture through food. Local Singaporeans will be invited to cook and dine together with a host of migrant workers at their dormitories, fostering a sense of community and comradeship." - Geylang Adventure

Part of the art jamming proceeds given by our art jammers were used to purchase art materials for the event :)These migrant workers helped develop our nation which aided our booming economy. We can show our gratitude- by joining Majulah Belanja along with other organizations where art and food will come together.


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